MLI Motorsports

I have been in the Photography business for 20 years now. My wife and I own a Fine Art Portrait studio, "Mark Low Imagery" in Beaumont, Texas. We specialize in wall portraiture through the art of photography. I started off road racing about 5 years ago with my 5-1600 VW Beetle in 2007 when I raced in the Baja 1000. We raced the 1000 again in '08 and '09. We have been taking a break from Baja but plan on going back again. Since then, I have been racing my car here in Texas and its been a lot of fun. I have always tried to take pictures at the races but since I was racing my car too, its been impossible to be able to make photographs during the actual race. This year, I planned to race the TDRA Firecracker 250 at Notrees, Tx. but my car was not going to be ready. I decided to go anyway and volunteer myself to help out other race teams and to actually be able to photograph during the actual race. Its one of the most exciting things I have photographed in a while. I am very passionate about my own desert racing endeavors, I am equally as passionate about photographing desert racing. I specialize in fine art print making and my approach to photographing racing events involves the same thought process as making fine art images. I pre-visualize the final printed and framed image often before even picking up the camera. After capturing an image, that is only the first step in a long process working towards achieving the finished image and see it hanging on the wall. Please enjoy viewing my photographs and if anyone has any questions about the products I offer, feel free to contact me directly.